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Leisuretime Sand Filters

The performance proven Leisure Time sand filter is quality engineered to provide clear, sparkling pool water with minimal maintenance.

Principally used for domestic swimming pool filtration or aquaculture.

Manufactured in Australia, the Onga® Leisure Time sand filter is made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene.

The Leisure Time Sand Filter range is available in 2 sizes: 20 inch and 24 inch.


Onga Sand Filters

Manufactured in Australia, the Onga® sand filter is made from UV stabilized high-density polyethylene.

Incorporating the proven Sta-Rite multiport valve and under-drain lateral system, these filters are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools and aquaculture.

The reputation for durability and performance makes the Onga® range first choice for quality pool builders.

The Onga Sand Filter range is available in 3 sizes: 21 inch, 25 inch and 31 inch.


Filter Media

All Onga sand filters are perfectly suitable for use in conjunction with either sand or Zelbrite® filter media to ensure that you spend less time looking after your pool and more time enjoying it.


Zelbrite® outperforms traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and diatomaceous earth (D.E.).

Manufactured to exacting standards from naturally occurring zeolitic mineral resources, Zelbrite® produces filtered water of sparkling quality.

Zelbrite® removes pollutants such as ammonium by a process of ion-exchange, as well as physically trapping even the finest suspended contaminants down to one micron in size.

  • Can be used in all types of sand filters
  • Compatible with salt water pools
  • Compatible with ionisers
  • Compatible with ozone units