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The Pool Pirana Brisbane

The Pool Pirana

Precision engineered for long life, the Pool Pirana's super efficient design and single working part eliminates the need for costly repairs.

Automatic - Runs with your pump
Simple - Compact, super efficient design
Easy to install - Takes only minutes to install
Durable - Guaranteed for two years
New - Flow-thru cleaning seal for maximum vacuuming effectiveness

So easy to Install and Operate
Pool Pirana can be installed in minutes without the need for tools or special fittings. It comes with a regulator valve, hose, connector and other accessories for easy connection to all pool filter systems. The miniskim regulating valve allows for simultaneous surface skimming and adjusts the cleaner suction for the maximum cleaning performance.

New 'Flow-thru' Cleaning Seal
Only Pool Pirana offers a flow-thru vacuum seal that provides a superior dirt lifting function. This and other unique features like the three-way bumper and roller system, combine to deliver a highly efficient pool cleaning action.

Pool Pirana Lives in Your Pool
Now you can enjoy a sparkling pool all year round without effort. Pool Pirana has a voracious appetite for dirt, leaves and all pool debris. Pool Pirana operates while your pump filters the water, is perfectly safe to swim with, costs nothing to run, saves you time and, reduces the need for expensive chemicals.

TwoYear System Warranty
Pool Pirana is so reliable it is performance and defect guaranteed for two years.