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Sprinta Automatic Pool Cleaner

Sprinta Automatic Pool Cleaner

The new Sprinta Automatic Pool Cleaning System incorporates the very latest in pool cleaning technolgy. The Sprinta's unique direct drive turbine powers the Sprinta through the dirtiest pool and enables pick-up of the largest debris. The new and unique patented auto-guidance system ensures full coverage of even the most complex shaped pools without the problem of getting caught.

The new Sprinta unit has been fully developed and manufactured in Australia and may well be the best pool cleaner ever made. It's unique and colourful appearance makes it a fantastic choice for all pool types. It very simple working parts means that there is very little to go wrong. This pool cleaner is one of the fastest pool cleaners on the market and is guaranteed to cover the entire pool and never to get caught. It will climb the walls provided adequate coving is present. The Sprinta unit comes complete with 12 metres of hose and a fully automatic "Miniskim" regulator valve. Simply drop the unit into the pool and you will quickly see the difference it will make to your pool.