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Kreepy Krauly Marathon            

Kreepy Krauly Marathon

No matter what kind of pool you have - concrete, vinyl or fibreglass - the latest model Kreepy Krauly Marathon pool cleaning system will keep it sparkling clean and ready to use, automatically

The Marathon works with your existing filter, gently gliding across your pools floor and walls.

As it vacuums, sweeps and scrubs away dirt, algae and loose scale, the Kreepy Krauly Autoskim feature clears your pool's surface of any floating debris.

"The only thing that keeps going in the water longer than me"
Susie Maroney - Ultra Marathon Swimming Champion

Unique 4 Way Action.
This four-way function forms The Marathon's unique cleaning action. The high efficiency scoop concentrates the water flow in a single stream to ensure maximum vacuuming power. The unrestricted flow cannot put pressure on your pump like many other cleaners. The Marathon is incredibly reliable because it only uses one moving part.

The Marathon is made in Australia using exceptionally durable material to withstand the most extreme conditions. It comes with a complete 2 year full system warranty, plus a 10 year warranty on its only operational moving part.